Vinoveritasoslo is a moderately youthful plan organization, with an outline orientated, useful way to deal with conveying a quality task. This approach is grounded with the proprietor, George Chambers who, after a working rest, in London amid his investigations, has refined a quality venture conveyance process, over numerous decades. Vinoveritasoslo ventures are comprehended to have a rich contemporary tasteful with naturally well disposed coordinated components.

George Chambers particularly considers that Vinoveritasoslo ventures exhibit a decent handy, working comprehension of how to profit by the most extreme attractive esteem, inside the required rules.

Clifford Simpson, enrolled engineer and one of establishing accomplices for Vinoveritasoslo. Bluff comes back with the renewed principle goal for Vinoveritasoslo for high quality built works. Broadly voyaged and very experienced engineer in senior parts inside respected practices and as a sole specialist. Additionally a perceived craftsman Cliff brings understanding, practicality with an artistic intent to all plan arrangements.

Harry Johns joins Vinoveritasoslo, subsequent to returning, from abroad, as the chief of the abroad subsidiary office for DBI,  Previously Vaughn was a plan orientated venture designer, planning on contract, for a few Gold Coast and Brisbane based modelers.